Inside the Backlot

WB & HBO Max, The Mandalorian and Disney’s Golden Child

December 5, 2020

In this unscripted episode, Steven and John discuss the latest HBO Max news and discuss the last two episodes of Disney's The Mandalorian. Steven reviews Cameron Crowe's 2000 classic Almost Famous and the duo discusses the latest MCU rumors. 




0:00:35 - Steven graciously lets John handle the intro

0:03:40 - WB releasing their entire 2021 film slate on HBO Max

0:23:09 - The Mandalorian S2E5: The Jedi (SPOILERS)

0:48:24 - The Mandalorian S2E6: The Tragedy (SPOILERS)

1:04:28 - Almost Famous review

01:13:43 - MCU rumors (Spider-Man 3, Disney+ Hawkeye series, Falcon and Winter Soldier)


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