Inside the Backlot

Welcome to Marvel Phase 4! WandaVision Episodes 1 & 2 Discussion

January 19, 2021

Before we go into the description, we'd like to apologize for the audio issues you'll encounter in the episode, mainly the white noise that runs throughout the back-half. We had some issues while recording and unfortunately it was the one thing we couldn't fix in post. Regardless, we hope you enjoy the episode and our discussion!


Steven and John drop you right in to their WandaVision discourse, where they talk about the first two episodes of the new Disney+ series. 



0:00:37: WandaVision E1 (Spoiler-Free!)

0:15:35: WandaVision E1 Spoiler Discussion

0:38:34: WandaVision E2 (Spoiler-Free!)

0:44:33 WandaVision E2 Spoiler Discussion

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